What does it take to become a business partner?

Business partners form an integral and important part of our expansion plans and we look forward to their support and collaboration for sustained growth. We would like our partners to be like minded and support us with long term commitment. We look for sincerity and loyalty to our values as this is important in functioning to the optimum. For selecting our partners, we conduct a selection process where all parties are interviewed, evaluated and assessed.

The basic Franchise requirements are the 3 C's


Capital is of course a key ingredient to unfurl and accomplish any business venture. Initial investment/capital is required to roll out a ProFert IVF Center which is effective and impressive enough to create brand presence in the market. Without proper capital, momentum may be lost, and the entire business may be put at risk.

There are certain basic requirements for starting a center which require initial investment. These include - Fitting, Fixtures, Furniture and equipment.


Without commitment no venture can succeed. Our IVF Clinics are no different. It is an industry which is based on scientific approach towards all its services and requires managerial attention, a mid-term to long-term horizon, and a daily focus on details to keep customers satisfied. Only absolute commitment can guarantee success.


The best systems are useless without a capable team. That is why ProFert IVF Center guarantees and provides a well-tried and tested system and training curriculum. It helps in building a competent team for partners who run the centers. Following the systems is the most reliable formula for ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

ProFert IVF Center provides Standard operating procedures for every aspect of the business. We assure support to our partners.

ProFert IVF Centerbelieves in encouraging first time business entrepreneurs. All you need is commitment and motivation to be a part of the ProFert IVF family.

Advantage of having ProFert IVF as a Business Partner

We provide a support system for all those with whom we work. We believe in the power of interpersonal communication and implement this belief in all communications with our clients and Business Partner alike. We work closely with our partners to make all transactions as smooth as possible. Our offerings include:

A well established and reputed brand

The ProFert IVF is an established name. Today, it is recognized for its excellence in every field it is in. We are leveraging this brand to spread our wings across the length and breath of our country.

Assistance in setting up of the Business

For ProFert IVF, the horizon is ever expanding. We have pioneered corporate IVF clinics in the country. We believe in nurturing talent and sharing expertise. We share our experience and expertise of decades with our partners all over the country. We provide guidance in technical, operational, administrative and sales and marketing functions.

Ongoing Support

We believe in nurturing and nourishing relationships with our partners. We provide suitable support at the right time at every level. ProFert IVF believes in supporting its Business Partners to maintain long lasting relationships. Similarly, during the course of business we expect our partners to take their own initiatives to make the venture successful, while keeping the company's core values in mind.

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