Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection - ICSI Treatment in Mumbai


ICSI is the breakthrough assisted reproductive treatment to overcome male fertility problems. ICSI being the advanced treatment definitely makes it more effective where other treatment options remain unsuccessful with low sperm count or other male fertility problems. For instance, some men have very few sperms in their semen sample or sperm can only be retrieved from their genital tract by a small surgical procedure. When the number of sperms available is so few or if in previous attempts of IVF, fertilization in the laboratory does not produce embryos, we advise a procedure called ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection).
With ICSI it has now become possible for couples to become pregnant in circumstances that were thought to be impossible just a few years ago.

Want more information about ICSI ?

The treatment process begins with hormonal stimulation of the woman's ovaries. The aim is to produce several eggs in the course of one menstrual cycle. The ripe eggs are harvested (egg pick-up) from the ovaries just before ovulation, using a very fine hollow needle under ultrasound guidance. This is followed by uniting the sperm and egg. A single sperm is introduced directly into one egg. The sperm is selected to ensure that it is of the optimal quality. The result is a newly formed pregnancy or embryo.

The further process after fertilization is similar to IVF. The developing embryos are then placed into the woman's uterus (embryo transfer) where we hope one will implant itself and grow into a healthy baby. IVF treatment is an out-patient procedure and normally does not require you to stay overnight in the Hospital.

We use equipment used internationally for this technically demanding procedure. Success rates for fertilization and obtaining a viable embryo with ICSI are nearly 100% at our clinic. The overall chances of having a growing pregnancy are in the range of 35% after ICSI.