We believe in the following Values at ProFert IVF Fertility Clinic:

Customized treatment for each couple

No two individuals are alike and we know and acknowledge the fact that each couple comes to us with a different and unique set of conditions and medical situation. Our fertility experts get into the details of each case minutely to understand which protocol and procedure would deliver the best outcome. They also keep in mind the factor of affordability so that no one is ever denied any treatment at the Clinic.

High level of integrity and privacy

Needless to say, each couple expects that their medical situation be treated with the highest level of integrity and privacy. Our system of records and treatment processes ensure this and we respect the right of 100% privacy for all our guests.

Offering hope for a new life

At ProFert IVF, you are encouraged to openly discuss your anxieties and doubts with us. Infertility is a life altering issue and at every stage of overcoming the same, you need a lot of emotional support and care. We have a dedicated of counselors who are more than willing to be with you, and offer you not just patient ears but also understanding and reassurance – and above all - the hope for a new life.